Aside from confirming the runway shows we’ll be covering, figuring out what I’m going to wear (and pulling looks from fashion designers for their shows), and finalizing travel details for our trip, a major way I prepare for New York Fashion Week is by cleaning up my diet.

My Favorite Foods To Eat Before Fashion Week

For a few weeks before fashion week, I focus on eating healthy, nutrient-rich foods. From antioxidant-filled veggies and fruits to lean proteins and healthy fats, here are some of my favorite foods to eat before fashion week.

Eat Lean Protein to Build Muscles

To give my body a boost during workouts and to help me stay strong, I focus on eating lean protein sources. Fish, eggs, and chicken are my go-to protein sources before fashion week. From a veggie-filled omelet to baked salmon with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice, I make sure to get enough protein each day to help my body stay fit.

Consume Vitamin-Rich Vegetables

To boost my immunity before traveling, especially before fashion week, I focus on consuming vitamin-rich vegetables, such as bell peppers, onions, broccoli, carrots, etc. Not only do these healthy foods help my skin look dewy and radiant they also help to ward off any colds or illnesses, since fashion week is such a hectic, busy time of year.

Boost Your Fiber Intake

The easiest way to prevent bloat and shed extra water weight is to get enough fiber in your diet. One of my favorite ways to boost my fiber intake before fashion week is through fruits and veggies, such as citrus fruits (which are delicious and contain lots of Vitamin C). Whether you eat a handful of clementine oranges or add these fiber-rich fruits into a breakfast smoothie, making sure you get enough fiber in your diet will help to regulate your digestive system and make your tummy feel flatter and slimmer.

Minimize Starchy Carbs

While I don’t go all Keto or South Beach diet before fashion week, I do try to limit my carbohydrate and unhealthy fat intake. That means, I opt for hearty salads (over sandwiches) and stay away from pizza, pasta, and rice in the few weeks leading up to fashion week. For my body, I’ve noticed that it’s the easiest and fastest way to feel slimmer in a short period of time.

Stay Hydrated All Day

To help my skin stay clear, improve my digestion, and rejuvenate my body, before fashion week I up my water intake. Throughout the day I opt to drink water (over anything else), as it helps to detox the body and improve the appearance of my skin. If you’re not a huge fan of water, you can add a squeeze of lemon juice to give it flavor and also to help flush away toxins. Not to mention – lemon juice is highly alkalizing, which helps to balance your pH levels (and prevent heartburn or other digestive issues).

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